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GeroStat offers gerontological and demographic data from official statistics and from social research.

GeroStat is an information service provided by the German Centre of Gerontology, Berlin and funded by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.

Acceptance of terms and conditions to use the Information System:

1. The use and distribution of data and information from GeroStat in oral, printed and/or electronic form is allowed on condition that the users name the rights holder as follows:
© GeroStat, German Centre of Gerontology, Berlin. DOI 10.5156/GEROSTAT
and source of the basic data as shown under each query and result page.
2. The use of GeroStat and the distribution of information from the system is allowed in order to facilitate private study or for non-commercial research. It is not allowed to use the system commercially.
3. Although the information on these web pages is produced with utmost care, the DZA does not assume any liability with regard to the scope and content of the information system and also to the content of the various data.
4. Responsibility for the use of data lies with the user. The DZA is not liable for the use of information.
5. The DZA is not liable for the accuracy of the data material of the various data origins.
6. The user accepts that the German Centre of Gerontology has the copyright and all rights to the GeroStat Information System.
7. Legally binding is the German version of these terms and conditions of use.



© DZA, Berlin     last update Feb/2020
    DOI 10.5156/GEROSTAT